About us

We founded Motognosis in 2014 as a technology transfer startup from the NeuroCure Clinical Research Center of Charité Berlin. Our goal is to enable personalized therapies and the best care possible for patients with neurologic disorders like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis, wherever they live. Our approach is to establish medical device grade software, which measures patients’ symptoms at home and provides actionable data to healthcare professionals to improve therapeutic outcomes and wellbeing.

Our team consists of experts with various, complimentary backgrounds, ranging from 4D data analysis and clinical sciences to physical therapy and social work. We value this diversity and channel it in close collaboration with experienced clinicians to develop the best possible technology for motion analysis in neurologic disorders.

Our Team

Sebastian Mansow-Model

Managing Director

Karen Otte

Scientific Director

Dr. Alexander U. Brandt

Medical Director

Bastian Kayser

Technical Director

Hanna Röhling

4D Data Analyst

Oleksandra Bielova

Computer Vision & Design

Katharina Schmidt

Product Manager Healthcare

Claudia Marx

Product Manager Application

Judith Bohmann

Quality Management

Our Customers and Partners

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