Motognosis Labs

"Motognosis Labs is the first product based on our motion analysis technology. Labs is a powerful and flexible research system for analyzing motor dysfunction in neurologic diseases.* The system is now available for purchase. 

Please learn more about Motognosis Labs in the following paragraphs. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a system, collaborating with us in applying our system in a new area or neurologic condition, or participating in the testing phase.

*) Motognosis Labs is currently not certified for clinical use.

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Complete System

Motognosis Labs comes with a complete system including everything you need for motor assessments in your research project.

The Labs software is a standalone application that can be used with any compatible hardware. We provide you with a pre-configured and ready to go system, tailored to your specific needs. The basic hardware platform consists of a high performance, touch enabled laptop able to process the data provided by a depth sensor measuring the patients' movements. Combine this with a ward trolley with integrated sensor mount and you get a mobile and flexible measurement tool, requiring nothing more than a power socket and a bit of space. Attach a printer to the trolley and you have access to paper reports on the spot.

Assessments for Motor Dysfunction

Motognosis Labs offers a comprehensive set of more than 50 assessments for several motor functions affected in neurologic diseases, leveraging the possibilities created by state of the art visual perceptive computing. Our technology covers a broad spectrum of common disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson‘s disease and many other neurological diseases. It enables in-depth motor symptom analysis in many previously inaccessible in-patient, outpatient and at-home settings leading to greater improvement of diagnostics and treatment monitoring. Working closely with medical experts, we identify and extract clinically relevant parameters from the signals recorded by the 3D sensors and validate them in clinical trials.

Powerful Analysis Tools

Motognosis Labs provides powerful analysis tools at your fingertips.

After performing an assessment, outcome and validation parameters, as well as context specific visualisations are provided. These are complemented by more detailed, customizable analytic views. The results can then be exported as a PDF report. Additionally, raw and signal data can be recorded for further external analysis, with import logic being available for common environments (e.g. Matlab, R, Excel). All analysis functions can be also used in our recording-system independent Motognosis Labs Review software, compatible with current Windows PCs.



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The Motognosis Labs System consists of

  • Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor
  • High-performance laptop computer
  • Motognosis Labs software package
  • Flexible Trolley for easy usage

Additional Motognosis Labs Review licences are available for further data analysis on standard Windows PCs.


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